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Rates & T&Cs

For better clarity, I have chosen to establish a classification of my services by category, determined according to the physical intensity, their technicality and the commitment they require, as well as the educational content or of their uniqueness. In this way, no more headaches about prices, you can easily refer to my price list!

Prices commensurate with the
quality of support before, during and after our outings. A fair price for you, as for me, in order to be able to live with dignity and sustainably from this profession-passion.

For your more personalized requests,
we create your project together and I offer you a quote, on the same basis.

Type de sortie
Tarif de base
Journée escalade en falaise, école de glace, grande voie équipée.
Courses d'alpinisme d'initiation, ski de rando journée, canyoning.
Sommets emblématiques, grandes voies à protéger, cascade de glace, raid à ski.
Formation à l'autonomie, neige & avalanche
Courses d'alpinisme difficiles, voies d'exception : tarifs sur demande alignés sur les bureaux locaux.
Sur devis

What's included

Supervision by a professional, creation and organization of outings, loan of specific equipment (DVA, shovel, probe, crampons, ice axes, helmet, harness, etc.) within the limits of possibilities.

What's not included

Nights and meals in a refuge for the guide and the participants, transport to the place of departure and the shuttles, ski lift passes, personal consumption.


These "General Conditions" apply to the sale of "Activity(ies)" / "Service(s)") by the "Mountain Guide" Baptiste Locatelli domiciled at 340 chemin des Carrières 73230 Saint Alban Leysse, under number SIRET 81768792400024, email, mobile, website, for the benefit of any natural or legal person, hereinafter ( s) “Participant(s) / Customer(s)”),
Either directly (at the counter, outside the establishment), or remotely (telephone, post, e-mail, or on the Alpes Ascensions website).

The purchase of an Activity sold by the Mountain Guide implies knowledge and pure and simple acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

Article 1 - Definition of the service

The Mountain Guide delivers a service of supervision, animation, teaching and training in safety of mountaineering and its assimilated activities, and exercises the prerogatives listed in article 1 of the decree of 16 June 2014 relating to the specific training of the state mountaineering diploma – high mountain guide.
These general conditions relate only to the sale of mountaineering and similar activities within the meaning of the aforementioned provisions, to the exclusion of any other transport, accommodation, food or equipment rental service. .

Article 2 - Contract - Sale of the Activity

The contract consists of two parts applicable in the event of contradictions in the following order: the individual agreements between the mountain guide and the client, and these general conditions.
The Activity is sold as soon as the parties (Mountain Guide and Client(s)) have agreed on the main characteristics and the price of the service. It is then an oral agreement, unless one of the parties expressly issues the reservation that the contract must be in writing.
The registration request is made directly to the Mountain Guide, by telephone at, or by e-mail at, and mentions the surnames, first name, address, and contact details of customer contact.
The Mountain Guide offers the Client a registration form which includes the main characteristics and the price of the Activity, and sends him these general conditions.
Registration is effective after the customer has completed the form and paid a deposit equal to 30% of the price of the Activity, and the Mountain Guide has acknowledged receipt.
In the absence of acknowledgment of receipt from the Mountain Guide within 7 days, the registration will be deemed not validated, the Mountain Guide however retaining the possibility of confirming this registration after this period and until Activity day.
If necessary, the Mountain Guide defines the date from which failure to pay the deposit will result in the cancellation of the activity.
The balance of the amount due is paid to the Mountain Guide upon return from the Activity.

Sale at the counter in the usual premises of the Mountain Guide: These general conditions are displayed and freely available for consultation.
Sale concluded outside the establishment (premises other than the usual premises): Before any order, the Mountain Guide provides the Customer with the contractual information. He then gives him a copy of the dated and signed contract confirming their express agreement on a paper medium, or with his agreement, on a durable medium.
In the event of a sale concluded at a distance (telephone, post, etc.): Before any order, the Mountain Guide provides the Customer with the contractual information in a way that allows their conservation and reproduction.
In the event of sale concluded at a distance exclusively by exchange of e-mails:  The Mountain Guide ensures that the Customer acknowledges his obligation to pay when placing his order, and includes the mention "order with payment obligation” as well as the means of payment accepted for the conclusion of the contract. The Mountain Guide acknowledges receipt of the registration request by e-mail or by any other means, and provides the Client with the confirmation and details of the contract on a durable medium.
In the event of a sale concluded at a distance with online payment: The Mountain Guide sets out the steps to be followed for the conclusion of the contract and the means allowing the Customer to identify any errors:
1/ The Customer checks the details of the order and its total price;
2/ He confirms his order;
3/ The Mountain Guide acknowledges receipt of the order and provides the Customer with confirmation of the contract on a durable medium. The Mountain Guide includes the words "order with obligation to pay", the means of payment accepted and the languages offered for the conclusion of the contract.

Article 3 - Right of withdrawal

The Customer is informed that in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 221-28 of the Consumer Code, registration for an Activity is firm and definitive and that he does not benefit from a right of withdrawal.

Article 4 - Price - Additional costs - Terms of payment - Complaint

The price corresponds to the fees of the Mountain Guide. It relates solely to the provision of supervision of the Activity to the exclusion of any other service. It means all charges included.
The price takes into account the habits and customs of the profession, the number of participants and their technical and physical level, and the characteristics of the objective pursued (technical difficulty, elevation, commitment, etc.).
The Mountain Guide applies either a basic daily rate, which varies according to the winter and summer season, or a rate defined according to the objective pursued.
The price communicated is deemed to correspond to the price of the Activity due by each of the participants, unless the Mountain Guide has specified that it is a global price of the Activity to be shared between all the participants. attendees.
Any additional costs incurred by the activity (transport, ski lifts, drinks, food, etc.) are ordered, paid for and paid for directly by the Client(s), including those of the Mountain Guide.
Methods of payment: The price of the Activity is to be paid by bank check payable to Baptiste Locatelli, bank transfer (Locatelli Baptiste IBAN: FR76 1022 8028 5528 6059 0020 016 BIC: LAYDFR2W DOMICILIATION: GRAND CHAMBERY).
Complaints: All complaints are sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the address of the Mountain Guide, no later than one month after the occurrence of the event giving rise to the request.

Article 5 - Modification or cancellation of the Activity

Mountain activities are subject to hazards related to weather, snow and terrain conditions, attendance, as well as the experience, technical abilities and physical condition of the participants.
To ensure the safety of property and people, the proposed Activity may be c